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File #: 18-213    Name:
Type: Resolution Status: Individual Item Ready
File created: 4/9/2018 In control: City Council
On agenda: 5/14/2018 Final action:
Title: Discuss and consider a request for a conditional sign permit to add an electronic message sign to an existing pole sign at the Knights of Columbus Hall, addressed at 111 Landa Street.
Attachments: 1. Aerial Map, 2. Zoning Map, 3. Downtown Business Corridor Map, 4. Application, 5. Existing and Proposed Sign Elevations, 6. Comparison Table, 7. Existing Signs in the Vicinity, 8. Excerpt from Sign Ordinance



Christopher Looney, Planning and Community Development Director

Contact Info


Subject Header



Discuss and consider a request for a conditional sign permit to add an electronic message sign to an existing pole sign at the Knights of Columbus Hall, addressed at 111 Landa Street.




Case No.:                                                                CS-18-011


Council District:                                           1


Applicant/Owner:                                           Lydell Toye (U.S. Signs)

                                                                                    258 Trade Center Drive

                                                                                    New Braunfels, TX 78130

                                                                                    (830) 629-4411



Staff Contact:                                           Matt Greene, Planner

(830) 221-4053


Location and Current Code Requirements

The subject property is comprised of 9.4 acres on Landa Street approximately 175 feet east of its intersection with Landa Park Drive and is zoned M-2 Heavy Industrial District.  The property has approximately 606 linear feet of frontage on Landa Street with a 12,000 square-foot building and 1,500 square-foot storage building occupied by the New Braunfels Knights of Columbus.


Sign types and sizes are allowed based on zoning and specific street frontage:

                     The M-2 zoning district allows one free standing monument sign or one low-profile pole sign per 300 feet of street frontage. The subject property is eligible for two signs (monument and/or low-profile pole). Monument signs are limited to 10 feet in height and 48 square feet. Low profile pole signs are limited to 10 feet in height and 20 square feet. Both types of signs require a minimum 10-foot setback from the property line in M-2.

                     In lieu of any other free-standing sign, one electronic message sign could be permitted. The electronic message sign is limited to 10 feet in height with a maximum 50 square-foot sign face and a minimum setback of 15 feet. The subject property is located within 500 feet of the Downtown Business Corridor which requires electronic message signs be incorporated into a monument sign.


The subject property currently has a nonconforming pole sign that is 15 feet tall and 10 feet wide with a masonry base and three individual sign faces totaling approximately 150 square feet in total sign area. The existing sign is also set back only 6 feet from the front property line.



The conditional sign permit process is intended to allow an applicant flexibility to create alternative signage designs to complement a development’s unique characteristics, and for City Council to consider such designs in the context of a specific location. 


The applicant is proposing to modify the existing nonconforming sign by replacing the center sign face with an electronic message sign face. The existing sign face is a backlit changeable copy sign face that measures 4 feet, 1 inch tall by 7 feet, 9 inches wide (31.65 square feet). The proposed electronic message sign face would match the dimensions of the backlit sign face to be removed.


If approved, the proposed sign would exceed the maximum allowable sign height of 10 feet by 5 feet and the maximum allowable sign area of 100 square feet by 50 square feet and encroach 9 feet into the 15-foot setback.  The location is within the 100-year floodplain and would have to meet all floodplain permitting requirements as well.


Existing Signs in the Vicinity:

Sign Location

Sign Type

Approximate Height

River City Advocacy


4.5 feet

Landmark Lofts


4 feet

Craft Beer Station


5.5 feet

Schumann & Buck Financial


5.5 feet

Wurstfest (2)


13 feet

Landa Park


7 feet


Lot Size:

9.4 acres


Surrounding Zoning and Land Use:

North -                      Across Landa Street, M-2 / Wurstfest grounds

South -                      Across railroad tracks, Town Creek PD / Mixed use development

East -                      Across Dry Comal Creek, M-2 and C-3 / Undeveloped land and single-family dwellings

West -                       M-2 / Parking




City Plan/ Council Priority: 2006 Comprehensive Plan Pros and Cons Based on Policies Plan

Pros: None  Cons: Goal 12: Protect and enhance the visual environment of the City. Objective A: Maintain fair and reasonable regulations for signs so that signs harmonize with the special qualities and appearance of New Braunfels (specifying size, height, locations).










The applicant’s proposal is essentially to upgrade the existing marquee message board with an electronic message board. Staff cannot support the conditional sign permit request as modifications to existing nonconforming signs should include bringing the entire sign closer to compliance with current regulations. Therefore, staff recommends denial of the applicant’s request. Staff found no apparent physical hardships of the land or unique circumstances or features of the property warranting the proposal, nor any modifications to the existing sign that would bring it closer to conformance.


However, should City Council be inclined to approve the applicant’s request, Staff recommends the following conditions:

1.                     Any modifications to the sign must be in compliance with the requirements of the City’s Code of Ordinances Chapter 58 Floods.

2.                     The electronic message sign must comply with the illumination and additional restriction requirements as stated in Sections 106-14.3g and 106-14j.

3.                     Removal of one of the three existing sign faces, to bring the total sign area closer to compliance with the maximum allowable sign area.



1.                     Aerial Map

2.                     Zoning Map

3.                     Downtown Business Corridor Map

4.                     Application

5.                     Existing and Proposed Sign Elevation Plans

6.                     Comparison Table Showing Allowable Signs Vs. Requested Signs

7.                     Map of Existing Signs in the Vicinity

8.                     Excerpt from the Sign Ordinance